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Logan and steve: episode1 Logan and steve: episode1

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Alright. From a viewer's perspective (I'm not an animator) there were quite a few things wrong with this. The main point is that it's pretty hard to know what's going on, I have a very loose understanding of what I watched and I think that's because you started and finished this without any definite direction or idea of what you wanted to do. Work on that. Next time you plan to create a flash movie, give some thought as to the direction you want to go in and how it's all going to work in a story line.
Next is the visual. Everything's very rough and not that appealing to look at. You simply need to spend more time on drawing your characters and backgrounds and it'll do you a world of good. There were a lot of scribbly lines and unidentifiable objects that made it a lot harder to grasp what was happening.
The intro has already been mentioned, but yeah, shorten that shit. People are impatient and it looks pretty amateur.
Next, the animation is very simple. As somebody said below, it's nothing but tweening and you can tell that you've avoided putting in certain things to accommodate that, such as not showing the full walking cycle at the beginning. You only showed the top portion of his body bobbing, but I do understand that this is your first animation and you're obviously not going to be very adept with flash or animating anything in general. With that in mind you should definitely work on improving what you can do with your characters. Simple things like walking cycles are very important things to understand and be able to do because you can't avoid them forever and still be making good movies.

So, work on all the things above and with those out of the way, I think you've made a good start and that you should keep at it, keep improving, and hopefully you'll get some higher rated movies as you do.

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larrynachos responds:

you. are. spot. on. i had no idea where this animation was going. i had a free trial of flash, and i had to use it, so i panicked. yes, it's all tweening, but tweening makes everything so easy, so i became lazy. legs are difficult to draw, so i stick to the upper half. but thanks for the advice. FRAME BY FRAME HERE I COME!

Recent Art Reviews

North Pole Livin' North Pole Livin'

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It's cute, and the house is quirkily shaped and the design is very nice. The colours are great too. One thing I was wondering about is the dark smoke, I'm not too sure if you were going for it but it makes santa's factory look like an oppressive North Pole conglomerate. Totally works if that's what you were going for but the cutesy houses up front contrast with it.
Great job though :)

Cosmic responds:

It's like that on purpose. While the elves are living in a wonderland, the factory is the opposite.

Big Mouth Big Mouth

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It's just so garish and ugly in a great way. Would have on my wall.

Shitt Romney Shitt Romney

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Laughed super hard at Mitt's pearly whites. That deserves a high score on it's own.
Not sure if it's intentional, but I personally like the cartoon suit clashing with the more careful painting. Definitely looks like him, worth a laugh, and just a great caricature. Not sure why the piece is rated so low, I guess it's like marmite.

Otto responds:

Ah cheers man! I've always done the detailed/notatalldetailed thing, I don't know whether it's laziness or what. I guess he is, except I really like marmite haha.